About Us

Secure NEPA traces its roots back over 140 years to when their affiliate Atlantic District Telegraph (ADT) created the first telegraph-based security alert system. Ever since then they pioneered the security industry in every facet of the game, from simple security and fire protection, to home automation; which now includes the ability to control your home automation devices via the #1 Home automation hub, Amazon’s Alexa.

In the 90s, ADT created a major extension to their business model by allowing authorized dealers to provide ADTs own proven technology and monitoring system to business owners and entrepreneurs who wanted to create local ties with the communities in which they served, which was something ADT found was a major game changer.

Today, the largest Authorized Dealer, Safestreets USA, has found themselves so successful under the ADT umbrella that they now employ the same business model that ADT started over 20 years ago.

This brings us to Secure NEPA, the leading provider of security in Northeast Pennsylvania with affiliations to Safestreets USA and ADT.

Evan, your Home Security Supplier

My name is Evan Roberts and I am Dealer Principal for Secure NEPA, a partner of Safestreets USA and ADT. I got into security when I was first a homeowner looking for peace of mind in an ever-changing world of technology. I was first introduced to ADT by an Authorized Dealer myself when I saw the amazing technology they had, for such an affordable price, and better yet, a no pressure consultant that came out to explain the vulnerabilities in my home and didn’t just try to sell me blindly over the phone. My journey was on its way when I began expanding my home security system into a full fledge “smart home”, and with such an affordable price tag. I got very excited that I could press one button and my preferred lights would turn on or off, and my door’s dead bolt would lock, securing my 3 young girls and wife safely inside.

I started Secure NEPA after realizing that my passion and excitement for ADTs technology and safety features were so abundant that I needed to tell my community about how safe and affordable this technology is! I now employ several other passionate home advisers that also want to share this passion with their local community here in Northeast PA!

Thank you for learning more about my passion for the industry and next time you are at a local community event, you may see myself or others representing the ADT name, stop by and give us a shout!